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Vanilla Games is a vanilla server, which goal is to take as many of the fun minigames from pluginbased servers such as mineplex, thehive, hypixel, etc. and make them in vanilla minecraft for you to play. All the redstone and command blocks are made by chokoboy3. Using a hacked client is strictly forbidden because it provides an unfair advantage. You may only apply to be unjailed or  unbanned if you are positive that an error must have occured.

Latest Features


$2.00 USD

You get 5 chests but no keys

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Chests and Keys

$5.00 USD

You get 5 chests and 5 keys

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Rank Up

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Add one number to your rank score (Only for rank 6 and down)

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You get all donator bonuses

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Vanilla Games

Vanilla Games is a 1.12 minecraft server where you can play purely vanilla minigames. All the minigames are made using command blocks. Of course some minigames use more command blocks ranging from 20 to 1500 in one minigame.

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